Spirit closure

Crystal Caps is holding a decent market for spirit closures comprises around the world. These closures are utilized by refineries for packing spirits like whisky, vodka, rum, liquor, gin, martini, and other such drinks. This reach establishes famous sizes that are covered with food-grade liquor-safe inner polish frameworks. The Application & Aesthetic looks vary as per requirement’s some of them offered by crystal caps are as under:
 NRF Pouring System ‘Non-refillable addition’ to guarantee brand assurance, Controlled pouring, and Avoid Spillage.
 Side embossing and top embossing along with chamfering/Shaving on sidewalls.
 Sidewall imprinting on long draw closures (like 28/38 mm,30/35mm, 30/44 mm,31.5/44 mm, and 30/60mm)  Caps with EVA/LLDPE Liner is reasonable for packaging RTDs.

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