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The aluminium ROPP terminations created at Crystal covers oblige the bundling needs of spirits, wine, drugs, and olive oil makers. Our gifted faculty and powerful machines empower fast, great and predictable creation. We offer a variety of significant worth upgrade impacts utilizing sidewall offset printing, silk-screen printing, hot-foil stepping, emblazoning, and chamfering. We additionally offer terminations with non-refillable valves which give improved security to the brand.

A portion of our hot-selling items is 25/17mm, 28/18mm, and 30/35mm closures for spirits bundling and 30/60mm closures for wine bundling.


To become the first option in the Indian market when it comes to closures. Providing the best service and quality in the international market as per their standards.


Grow the standard of an Indian manufacturing unit in the global market and stand strong in the competition. Representing India in the global market as a first choice. 

Our Category

Spirit Closures

Crystal Caps is holding a very good market for spirit closures constitutes worldwide. These closures are used by distilleries for packaging spirits such as whisky, vodka, rum, brandy, gin, martini, and other such beverages.

Olive Oil Closures

Crystal Cap has developed Olive Oil Closures after studying the growth need In India & Overseas. The company is already Exporting these closures in domestic as well as international markets in Bulk Volumes.

Wine Closures

We offer Wine closers with saranex™ coated and Tin-saran™ coated liners which are specially designed to maintain a shelf life of up to two years for young wines & up to 10 Years for matured wines both in India & overseas.

Pharma Closures

Crystal Cap is Holding a Good Market Share in Pharmaceutical closures In India & Abroad. we are supplying to all the renowned pharma companies (Including the Homeopathic Sector) In India & Abroad.

Cosmetic Closures

Closures for beauty products like jars & containers. We are offering these customized closures for various beauty product companies in the domestic & international markets. These are air-tight closures that maintain long life.

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